About Dr. Rob

Rob Harrison is a long time resident of Colorado. This site will share his views on what needs to be done with the extreme leftist Colorado House of Representatives that we suffer under now.

Who I Am

Dr. Rob has lived in Colorado most of his life.  He lives in Aurora now with his wife of 20 years, Susan, and 17 year old son Robert.  They are active in their church, Southeast Christian Church with Rob teaching apologetics.

Dr. Rob has four degrees including two in nursing, a Masters in computer information systems, and a PhD in Management of Information Systems with an emphasis on artificial intelligence.

The book “Restoring the American Dream” by Robert Ringer started Dr. Rob on his journey with liberty.  As time went by Rob realized more and more that the Republican and Democrat parties no longer stood for any of the ideals they proclaimed.  Both parties when in power increased the size of government, increased taxes, increased regulation, increased spending, and generally had disregard for the US Constitution.

Dr. Rob works at UCHealth in the clinical decision support team.  Titled a System Architect, RN, Rob works across all departments of the hospital to build quality solutions in treating patients with the current research and standards.  Since March, 2020, Rob has been working almost exclusively on treatments for COVID-19.