About Dr. Rob

Rob Harrison is a long time resident of Colorado. This site will share his views on what needs to be done with the extreme leftist Colorado House of Representatives that we suffer under now.

My Platform

For the State of Colorado, there are three (3) specific issues that are on the agenda for the state legislature, and about which I want you to know my positions:

National Popular Vote - Proposition 113

I and the Libertarian Party hold that determining the President of the United States by popular vote—thereby rejecting or ignoring the Electoral College—is inherently unconstitutional. The Colorado Constitution in Section 20 states:

“The general assembly shall provide that after the year eighteen hundred and seventy-six the electors of the Electoral College shall be chosen by direct vote of the people.”

To bypass the Electoral College, without a change to the CO Constitution itself, would be illegal. This would give an extremely disproportionate influence to the states of California and New York, in particular. Colorado’s votes would mean virtually nothing.

COVID-19 Response and Future Actions

COVID-19 Response and Future Actions

I and the Libertarian Party hold that the Governor of Colorado acted outside of his constitutional authority by initiating:

  • Lockdowns
  • Social distancing
  • Essential workplace regulations
  • Restrictions on the right to assemble peaceably
  • Limitations on travel

Furthermore, the decisions were not rooted in science but in ignorance and fear entrenched in political expediency, not the common good. We now know that the lockdowns did not work, as confirmed by the following:

In April, TJ Rogers looked at “a simple one-variable correlation of deaths per million and days to shutdown” and found “The correlation coefficient was 5.5%—so low that the engineers I used to employ would have summarized it as “no correlation” and moved on to find the real cause of the problem. (The trendline sloped downward—states that delayed more tended to have lower death rates—but that’s also a meaningless result due to the low correlation coefficient.)”

In May, Elaine He at Bloomberg showed “…there’s little correlation between the severity of a nation’s restrictions and whether it managed to curb excess fatalities…”

A June study published in Advance by Stefan Homburg and Christof Kuhbandner found the data “strongly suggests,” the UK lockdown was both superfluous (it did not prevent an otherwise explosive behavior of the spread of the coronavirus) and ineffective (it did not slow down the death growth rate visibly).”

A July study published by The Lancet concluded:

“The authors identified a negative association between the number of days to any lockdown and the total reported cases per million, where a longer time prior to implementation of any lockdown was associated with a lower number of detected cases per million.”

In an August 1 study, also published by The Lancet, the authors concluded “Rapid border closures, full lockdowns, and wide-spread testing were not associated with COVID-19 mortality per million people.”

Moving forward through the COVID reality, the State of Colorado must employ actual science for combating the virus.

The following link takes you to a well-developed plan of action that our state should utilize for controlling COVID-19’s impact:


We cannot allow any politicians to use dictatorial rule illegally and without full accountability to the people of our state.

No on Proposition 118

This is a proposed new payroll tax of an additional 1.2% to pay for a paid medical leave program. We must not raise taxes for this purpose as it will damage the labor market and severely hurt low-income workers. Furthermore, our politicians to date have not proven themselves capable of handling another government program without delay, waste, and needless bureaucracy.

For specific details on a host of issues being embraced by the Libertarian Party, please visit: https://www.lp.org/platform/ (Rob, this should be included at the end of your Personal Positions)